Tones In Twilight - Creations - Poems - Tamed  & Framed

A collection of 225 inspirational poems printed on glossy     brilliant  photo paper surrounded by colorful background  borders, shadows, including clip art designs to accent the expressions, each poem  printed in various fonts displayed in a frame. Permission to display clip art images by:  Microsoft Works Word Processor....
Self-help is an effort in adults to accept resources available to those who want to live a better lifestyle... Many individuals have experienced an unprepared life- style change resulting from unforeseen circumstances.  A few words of encouragement is a helpful tool one can refer to daily to accept  the reality in changes that have occurred in a life. These  poems seek readers in need of words to calm the moment, relax the mind, give reason to a circumstance that created a change in a well-balanced life.  Many of the words in various poems represent a celebration in survival.   The author, Sandra-Lee Hutt will not grant permission  to change any written words in the collection of poems .  Customers will be charged a state tax for each order.    
 In addition to the self-help poems, there are poems for holidays,  poems for joy to a little girl or boy, poems for relationships, religious, patriotic poems, inmates, fantasy, dreams, from , separation, lonliness,, domestic abuse.  For it is I. who writes the poem after the prayer. I write to ease the pain of  grief, tragedy, and in addition to reunions in the now and then.  The writer has lived and survived many of the above topics one who can identify a sound of silence, give color to a thought. Sample poems are available on the website: HELLO and the author's FACEBOOK page..  A copy of the book "Tones In Twilight" can be purchased from the author for $12 with a minimum order of $10. Poems for children are priced at $5 (Special  orders are priced at $20) for a  change of color to blend with a poem. Payments will be accepted in the form of checks/money orders/ PAY PAL accounts are welcome . An order#  /comments page is available for your convenience. We are a global website
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                                                                                              SANDRA-LEE HUTT

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                                                                                                           FOR IT IS: AGED WINE
                                                                                                                                               MATURES AND PEAKS ITS'
                                                                                                                                                      FULL FLAVOR IN THE 
                                                                                                                                                COMPANY OF STRANGERS.......
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